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Kathy-Lee is a certified makeup artist based in Atlanta, GA. She began just like most girls, watching her mother and sister get ready for work and school. When she grew up she realized there was a lot more to makeup than just blush and mascara.

After going on a YouTube makeup video binge, she finally decided to attend Gwynnis Mosby makeup academy to obtain her makeup certification. Later she became a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics. She continues her makeup career with MAC Cosmetics along with freelance services.


*A note from Kathy:

      Makeup is not just foundation and blush but an opportunity to enhance your inner beauty. I enjoy doing makeup because of the look of happiness on every woman's face when she snaps her selfie with the hashtag "beat". What I want them to know is that the beat goes on. The same beauty they feel with makeup goes on beyond those applied products. The beat goes on beyond physical beauty and emcompasses inner beauty and joy.



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